Samsung 2.1 cu. ft. Over the Range Microwave

Samsung 2.1 cu. ft. Over the Range Microwave

Oven is a part and parcel of modem day’s kitchen. You cannot think our kitchen without having oven. There are several types of oven are available in the market according to the features of cooking. Among them microwave is a popular one. It does cook the food properly without disturbing the flavors and quality of the foods.

Samsung is a renowned world callas home and kitchen appliances manufacturing brands. Along with providing best quality and futuristic features they also taking care of the appliances outlooks too. In recent time they have introduced Samsung 2.1 cu. ft Over the Range Microwave.

This is a glossy gray color box shape model of microwave oven decorated with futuristic features. This box shape model made of durable aluminum. Along with handle system door has touch screen control panel to manipulate the operating function of the oven.

Let’s have a look some of the futuristic features of this model at a glance.

Glass Touch Bottom Controls

Door of this model is made of durable glass and has control panel button at the front to manipulate the function according to the requirement. A convenient location makes it easy to access cooking options. Glass controlled panel provides a seamless, integrated design.

Ceramic Enamel Interior

Alongside having durable body structure it has well interior décor too. This is a ceramic enamel interior which is scratch resistant and easy to clean. You could easily clean up the jam and oil without disturbing the condition of the body.

Total coking capacity of this model is 2.1cu.ft. This microwave accommodates large platters and dishes, which typically do not fit in the average, mid-size 1.5 cu. ft. microwave. This model of oven is good enough to support a family of 6 members easily.

LED Cook top Light

Cook top light allow you to get the view of your food. Here LED light has been used this light is significantly brighter and more energy efficient than halogen or incandescent bulbs.

Fingerprint resistant finish

Most of the time we have seen that oven get nark of our hands. That make oven not good at all. In this model has Fingerprint resistant finish. So your oven will remain well looked all the time.

One-Touch Simple Clean Filter

Samsung 2.1 cu. ft Over the Range Microwave has simple function to eject with one touch and helps you remember when to clean it. It is recommended that OTR filters should be cleaned every month to maintain optimal performance.

Sensor Cook

This is a pre set menu option. You can select your favorite menu to get testy food in time.

This is an available model you could easily get this model at your nearest appliances showrooms of Samsung as well as popular E-commerce site.